Should You Change Wireless Carriers

If you are using Verizon, or AT&T you are paying to much for your phone service!  Stop paying crazy high cell phone bills for no reason.  Here are some carriers below you should think about switching to.  I recently switched my parents from Verizon to Cricket and now they are saving about $750 a Year!

  1. Cricket Wireless  is owned by AT&T and uses the same towers for way less. Right now they are running a deal for 4 lines of unlimited data for 100 dollars.  All Taxes and Fees are already included in there plans.
    They also offer the following per line
    2GB for $30
    5GB for $35 w/ Auto Pay
    Unlimited Throttled for $50 w/ Auto Pay (Throttled @ 3 Mbps)
    Unlimited High Speed for $55 w/ Auto Pay
    They Also have great discounts for people who have 2-5 people on a plan.  Please Click here to see all of there pricing and save up to $70 a month if you have 5 lines.
  2. Republic Wireless This Companies plans are very basic unlimited talk and text for $15 a month.  Then for each GB you use it will cost you $5 Dollars extra per month.  There towers run off of both Sprint & T-Mobiles. To Check if you current phone is compatible with Republic Wireless click here and if your in need a new phone they sell them for as low as $99 Dollars.  Also, you can Check there coverage here.
  3. Freedompop This one is for the most frugal or most in need of a way to save a few bucks a month.  It does not have the best service or the best rating, but you can get it for free each month.  It’ll only cost you 1 penny for the sim card and 10 dollars to downgrade to the free plan.  Make sure you downgrade right after setting up the phone.  The free plan will give you 200 Text/200 Min/ 500MB of data.  Which is plenty if you live around WI-FI all day and night like I do.  You can get a texting app from Google Play/App Store and use things like Facebook Messenger on WI-FI to make sure you don’t go over your limits.

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