Cable & Satellite TV

Cable or Satellite TV
Should anyone have cable or satellite anymore?  There are only 3 reasons that I can think of for anyone to have cable or satellite TV anymore.

  1. You Live in the middle of no where. If you live deep in the country and you have  slow internet you may need cable.
  2. You don’t have home Internet.
  3. You LOVE the NFL.  If you “NEED” the NFL Sunday Ticket package your only option is AT&T’s Direct-TV, but you could cancel it after the season is over if your not stuck in a contract.

If you are one of these people or you just don’t want to give up your cable here are a few tips to try to lower your bill.

  1. Get rid of Showtime,HBO,Sports Package add-on, or any other add-on’s you may have. Go to a lower tiered package plan, you may not watch all of the channels you are paying for.
  2. If you’re contract is up or you’re not in a contract, shop around. Dish Network,Direct-TV, and your local cable company are always running deals to try to get you to switch to them.  Sometimes they may even pay early termination fee’s if you are stuck in a contract.
  3. If you find a better deal call your provider and tell them you want to cancel.  When they ask why tell them (Dish/Direct-TV/Cable Company) is offering you deal of  ($$$$) per month.  Let them offer you a deal. If it beats the other companies deal stay, if not leave them. Remember you are nothing, but a number to these companies.  Don’t let them make you feel like you’re part of there family.  They only care about making money off of you.

Please see my next post for Streaming devices you can purchase and great streaming alternatives to cable or satellite companies.



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