Love the Frugal way

The best gifts in life come from the heart.  They’re not expensive or extravagant and the people who really love you won’t expect them to be.  Most of the Joneses in this world will spend a shit ton of money on Flowers, Chocolates, fancy dinners for this Valentines day and guess what none of that really shows any love at all.  How does another man delivering flowers to your women for you sound romantic?!?!? Or how does chocolates that some worker made in a factory in who knows where say I love you ether? Lastly how does a dinner cooked by some guy or gal you don’t know say I love you.  How about from now on we show people love the frugal way and get your hands dirty.  Make your significant other some chocolate covered strawberries and don’t buy them already made.  First, because it shows you care enough to do it for him/her.  Secondly,  It’ll be less than $5 to make a bunch of them vs $20 for just a few. Then how about you go to the store yourself and pick out the kind of Flowers you know she likes and take them to her on your Lunch Break?  She’ll get to see you and you’ll get to see her face light up.  Lastly cook a romantic dinner for your your significant that he/she loves!! Put some candles out and buy them a bottle of there favorite wine or 6 pack of beer.   It’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper and you won’t have to fight any crowds.  And this does not have to be for Valentines day.  Do these things for your your significant on any day.  Show them you love them randomly, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

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